Whenever I’m working with make-up artists, no matter what the model looks like, I always say the same thing when they ask my what look I want – “Keep it natural” is my stock answer. I’m not a fan of overly made-up women in everyday life, so I tend to prefer, given the choice, natural looking when I’m photographing them. If I’m photographing a beautiful woman on a windswept beach on the Isle of Man I don’t want her looking like she’s going out clubbing in Manchester, or even worse, coming home from clubbing in Manchester.

Now I’m no expert, but I imagine that make-up art is one of those things that anyone with a few bits of Max Factor and L’Oreal and an aluminium cosmetics case thinks they can do. Not so.

The sign of a great MUA is when you can turn-up at their studio with a model, tell them exactly the look you want and then disappear to drink cups of tea for an hour, which is exactly what we did with Charlotte. Gem looked fantastic.
— Phil Kneen, Phil Kneen Photography
Shan Fisher Photography 

Shan Fisher Photography 

Charlotte and I have worked on many bridal fashion shoots and real brides. She is a wonderful makeup artist. Charlotte is well organized and puts everyone at ease. She is creative and knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I would recommend Charlotte for anyone who is looking for a thoughtful and talented makeup artist.
— Shan Fisher, Shan Fisher Photography
As a Producer I recently worked with Charlotte on a Video Production and Photography Shoot. To put it simply, the models looked incredible. Charlotte’s constant attention to detail throughout the day was flawless. Her creative spark and warming personality helped bring our team together and make our final production exactly what we wanted. A real pleasure to work with.
— Nick Cool, Producer
As a professional photographer, when you work with any kind of business partner you hope to work with the top of the range. I don’t personally look for a friendly or nice service but for someone that can get the job done well, on time and without any flaws; with Charlotte, I got the best of both worlds - which is rare.

Charlotte can bring the best out of the people; she’s able to make a connection with the professionals she works with but most importantly with the clients. The way Charlotte works makes the clients feel comfortable, valued and special; each client I’ve spoken to after Charlotte’s work was feeling sumptuous!

The thing that makes Charlotte an outstanding makeup artist is that she understands the exact requirements from the client (Bride as an example) and the photographer. I don’t know anything about makeup but I can tell you very easily if the makeup is been done well or not when I photograph my client. If I turn up to a job and see Charlotte, a part of me relaxes as I know that the skin will look amazing in the photographs and the client will feel great when she’s done.

The way I recognise a true professional is by the passion and heart they put in their job, Charlotte is one of them and for me she is the top of the range in the Isle of Man and I will always contact her when I do a shoot in the Isle of Man. A true artist.
— Lukas Gisbert Mora, Photographer