I travelled all the way from England,for Charlotte to do my makeup, as her work is so brilliant.Charlotte’s approach to her work is truly professional and she has a charming personally. It was such a pleasurable experience to have my make up done by Charlotte. Before a photo shoot it is important to feel confident, words can not even describe how beautiful I felt .I had such a marvelous time, and her work is Incredible.

As a model, I have been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s most best makeup artists,from the bottom of my heart Charlotte is the best one I have ever discovered! I received many compliments about my make up on the day, which made me very happy.

She is truly inspirational and such a delight to be around, I highly recommend Charlotte to anyone! Thank you so much for a wonderful day.
— Elizabeth Frodsham, Model
It has been a pleasure to work with charlotte both as a model and a student. She is a lovely, friendly and approachable professional with a great passion and talent in make-up application. Both experiences were lovely and Charlotte put me at ease throughout. :)
— Zoe Tweedy, Model
I had the opportunity to work with Charlotte on one of her creative shoots recently and had the privellage of having her work her magic on my face :-) Meeting her was so inspiring and seeing her at work even more so! I was really impressed with her visual ideas and concepts. Seeing how amazing the finishing shots turned out made me realise just how talented she really is. Having looked through your portfolio I’ve realised that one of your key abilities is to make everyone’s skin look absolutely flawless! Looking forward to working on more amazing creative shoots with you Charlotte!
— Fudge Plaatjies, Model
In November, I was asked to help in portfolio work for Phil Kneen photography and I had the opportunity to have my make up done professionally. From the moment I walked into Charlotte’s studio, I felt at complete ease and welcomed. Charlotte has a good balance of professionalism and a friendly attitude to her clients. I loved the result Charlotte achieved and I even learned some tips for the future. I didn’t want to wash the make up off my face at the end of the day because it was so fabulous! Definitely recommend Charlotte and I look forward to working with her in the future again xx
— Gem Lloyd-Jones, Model
I had such an amazing time Charlotte, I took great pleasure in covering our house in glitter it was a bit strange in the shower, rubbing my arms to reveal a darker colour, its normally the other way round.

I loved everything last night, you and Sarah are fabulous, the Make up was out of this world!
I love the contrast between the white look at the start and the dark and red at the end, very haute couture looks.

I’m going to try and practise red lips in time for xmas, I’m not normally brave with colours on my lips, but I thought it looked great.
— Natacha Le Moignan, Model
Charlotte was so friendly & welcoming from the start - as soon as I sat down I felt relaxed & comfortable, I’ve never really had the ‘make over’ experience and was quite nervous but she made me feel at ease immediately. We also had a lovely chat about how Martyn & I met, which I think is so nice when someone’s about to celebrate their wedding, prom, anniversary - Charlotte was then able to become a part of the big day celebrations, and not be a stranger in the room (if that makes sense?!)

She is really passionate about what you do & it really shows! Charlotte also listened to what the photographer (in this situation) had in mind & did such a lovely job! I loved the 50’s glamour look 😊

In the past, if I felt like pampering or treating myself before a party, I’d go to have my hair or nails done... Now I really want to book in some make up lessons so I can really make an effort for a party or a night out. I don’t usually like wearing make up, but Charlotte is so creative and can really transform your look & make you feel amazing!

I felt amazing, being spoilt ahead of the shoot as I’ve mentioned above which I think is reflected in the photos! Charlotte gave me the confidence to really enjoy the shoot (and not worry about my make up whatsoever!!) I just wish I’d have booked her in for my wedding day!
— Rachael Cain, Model
I was lucky enough to be part of a bridal photo shoot for the amazing photographer Shan Fisher.

Charlotte was my make up artist. What a lovely experience. My make up was stunning, so natural and elegant, perfect for your wedding day!!

Many people have since commented on how beautiful my make up was.

I would highly recommend her. Not only an amazing artist but also very lovely and friendly!!

I cannot wait to work with her again!!

— Blair Hunt, Model
Charlotte did my makeup for a photo shoot and I absolutely loved the look she created for me! I got so many compliments on my eye makeup especially. She was so lovely to work with and made my first experience of having my make up done really fun and enjoyable :) Thanks again Charlotte! xx
— Cara van Rhyn, Model
I met Charlotte recently on my first photo shoot. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Charlotte was really friendly and professional and even made me laugh when I was nervous! My make up was really natural and I really loved how it looked. Thank you Charlotte!! :)
— Ellie Gilson, Model
I’ve worked with Charlotte on a couple of photoshoots as a model and she is always chatty and friendly which is lovely as it feels like you’re with a friend rather than a total stranger. Charlotte was my makeup artist for my very first photoshoot and I never felt uncomfortable.

She is an absolute perfectionist and an eyelash pro! I would absolutely recommend her to friends and family, she is friendly, calm and as a model I know if I know I look good I will feel comfortable on set – and Charlotte always makes me look great!
— Suzanna Clague, Model
From the moment I entered the room and met Charlotte I was so impressed by her kind introduction. She was so forthcoming and made me feel very welcome. I believe this is one of the elements that make Charlotte’s service so unique – the personal touches that she includes ensuring that everyone she meets feels relaxed.

My favourite element of Charlottes work is the way uses and explores colour, textures and accessories. As a result her work is extremely dynamic. She thinks about her clients and really works to their skin tone and colouring, whilst adding a bit of flare. Which ultimately brings out the best look on every client.

As a result of my experiences with Charlotte I would recommend her continually and for a variety of different services from a wedding to a high-end photoshoot. I believe that without Charlotte and her creative talents the photoshoot I was part of, would not have been as strong. She worked effectively along side with all of the people involved and adapted to suit the needs of all. She provided an excellent service throughout the day and made the whole experience one that I will not forget. Thank you.
— Carla Ross, Model
I had my make up done by Charlotte for a fashion shoot, I felt very comfortable with her. I loved the end results too :-) thank you Charlotte. Highly recommended xx
— Becky Skillicorn, Model
I had the pleasure of working with Charlotte on a make-up photoshoot recently and she did an amazing job! Charlotte had obviously put a lot of thought and planning into what she was going to do for the make-up of myself and three other girls who were also involved and the final photographs show precisely how much work she put in both before and during the shoot. The theme of the shoot was the four seasons, so the four different make-up styles were vastly different from one another and show just how talented Charlotte is. I would highly recommend anyone needing a make-up artist to contact Charlotte because she is professional, dedicated and also a really nice person who will brighten your day, whatever the occasion. :)
— Victoria Paris, Model
I thoroughly enjoyed my day on set with Charlotte; she instantly made me feel at ease and I was overwhelmed with her professional and skilful attitude. She created two contrasting looks and make me feel like a million dollars :) I was most impressed with the amount of time she spent on my eye make up. The first look was a more natural look and the second look was a more dramatic, glamorous film star look; both looks were fantastic and I was more than impressed. I was so pleased because I still looked myself....so many times you see people who have their make up done and they look like completely different people but I still looked like me, just a better version! When I looked back at the photos I felt so priviliged to have been asked to be a part of the project and I cannot wait to have Charlotte work her magic on me again!!
— Zoe Murray, Model
Charlotte is extremely friendly and was able to keep a pleasant conversation flowing throughout the shoot. She was extremely kind and made me feel very good about myself when she complimented my features as she worked with them.

My favourite part of her work was definitely the detail and time she put into working with my eyes. I have rather small eyes, but she managed to make them seem colossal and alluring. I would definitely recommend her to other clients, because she manages to make you feel beautiful, not only with the makeup, but with her gracious compliments and her general pleasantness.

I was extremely ill on the day of the photoshoot with her, but she took care of me and made sure I was feeling 100% at all times.

When the photoshoot was taking place, if there was any time to spare between shots, Charlotte would run in and give me a few touch ups, to make sure her makeup was always perfect. She also sat and watched the entire shoot and seemed genuinely pleased with the work that she had put in.

I have never felt as beautiful as I did when she had finished with my makeup and really hope I get to work with Charlotte again soon.
— Natalie Cretney, Model
Charlotte recently did my makeup for a portrait photoshoot with Sarah Jewell. By the end of my makeover I not only looked fabulous but felt as though you have made a great friend in the process. You can really tell how much Charlotte cares about her clients when you work with her and also how much hard work she has put into perfecting her craft. When I looked in the mirror after my make up was done, I felt on top of the world and really pampered.

If you book Charlotte and outstanding service is almost guaranteed. The value she added to the creative process and styling of the photoshoot was also immense. She added creativity and the makeup she chose for me was very versatile and suited all the looks we were going for. Charlotte also had an input in the process of creating the looks and connecting with people who made the shoot possible; the designer Callum Harvey and Sweet Ginger Emporium!

Overall she not only added creativity and connections but she brought forward her wonderful personality, which made the actual shoot fly by. It was an awesome day! I wish Charlotte all the success in the world with her business, I am sure it will be immense!
— Busiswa Zondi, Model
When my friend Dave Silvester asked me to be a model for Charlotte I was excited to work with her. I could tell she wanted to get to know me and did everything she could to make me feel comfortable. She is the kind of artist who can look at someone and immediately tell what will suit them and is more than happy to share tips and advice with you. Not only is she very good at what she does, she is a lovely person and we had a great laugh together on the photoshoot! I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to get their makeup done!
— Danielle Helma, Model
Charlotte did my make up for a photo shoot with Love My Figure, Love My Fashion. She was so kind and friendly and did the most amazing job on my make up. I can honestly say that I never thought it could be done so nicely.

Charlotte was very professional and had clear pictures in her mind of how she wanted to do my make up, but also consulted me and allowed us to work together to get the best possible look.

I have a lot of respect for Charlotte, because she is brave and driven in trying to succeed in a job which she clearly loves.

I would most definitely recommend Charlotte to anyone looking for an amazing, professional make over.
— Anna Grigorova, Model
Charlotte did my make-up for “Love My Figure, Love My Fashion” photo shoot. I was very happy with my make-up, she used the best products and was very easy to talk to :) I will defo be in touch with Charlotte in the future. xx
— Sophie Callister, Model
Working with Charlotte was lovely, she made me feel so comfortable as she was doing my makeup and I felt so relaxed having it done, it was lovely to be pampered but also as she was doing my make up she was giving my hints and tips as to what I could also do myself with my every day makeup. I loved how she did my eyes, she used colours that I would never think of and they were just wonderful. She helped give me the confidence to do the photoshoot and kept an eye on my make up during the day to ensure it looked perfect all day. I would definitely recommend her to others, she makes you feel so special and with her skills helps to show off your assets and just helps you to feel beautiful in your own skin.
— Claire McKinlay, Model